Do I need a PayPal account to check out?

No - the Paypal check out page has an option to use a credit or debit card without creating an account. If you have trouble checking out please email brokenlimb@hotmail.com.

Can I send a case back if I don’t like it?

Sure - as long as it is not damaged or engraved.  Return the case within 30 days and receive a full refund.

How and when will the case be shipped?

The cases are shipped to the US via USPS Priority mail (2-3 days) or Air Mail for International orders (4-8 days) usually within a day or two of receiving the order.

What if it breaks?

Depends - if it is a defect in materials or workmanship, send it back and we'll fix it (or refund the purchase price).  If the case has been abused (i.e. chewed on, dropped, kicked, drop-kicked, etc.) we can't be held responsible.

Do you do back orders?

We try to keep several cases of each type on hand, if we're out of a particular type it will be indicated on the checkout page - we don't do back orders but would be happy to notify you once an item is back in stock. 

Any advantages of one wood type over another?

No, the only difference is in appearance.  The three wood types give you a choice between light (cherry), medium (mahogany) and dark (walnut).  The cases will darken slightly over time (especially the mahogany) like antique furniture.

How to fix a scratch?

Get some furniture wax (Minwax works well) and buff it out. This is also a good way to clean your case and keep it looking brand new.